Hassle Free Boilers (a division of Ecovision) approached us after the failure of a traditional marketing campaign. The Cost Per Lead produced was so high as to make the HFB division unviable. We reduced their CPL by 98% and changed their fortunes in a month.


Hassle Free Boilers and its leadership were very rooted in traditional marketing before coming to us. This included TV and Radio media buys as well as printed media advertising.

They were able to reach a very large audience, but it was too broad and their message was getting lost in the noise.

The campaign they had run before coming to us had been a £750k investment and returned a CPL of close to £500 was high enough make the business unviable.


Our task was to take a £5k initial investment and generate as many leads as possible using social media.

What we did

We opted to use Facebook due to its in depth demographic targeting and low cost per click. The aim for us initially was to drive as much targeted traffic as possible through their existing lead form.

Hassle Free Boilers own sales data told us that they saw strong conversion in three segments; First Time Buyers of Second Hand Homes, Middle Aged Professionals and the Recently Retired.

Using Facebooks Demographic targetting platform we set up initial campaigns to target those segments as closely as we could.

The purchase of a boiler is a great example of a negative purchase. It isn’t something that people buy unless they are forced to by failure of their current boiler.

We addressed this by using images that reinforced warm and comfortable feelings in the viewer as well as using the lowest possible price for the boiler in the advertising to hook them through to the lead form.

Previous to our involvement Hassle Free Boilers had invested £750,000, producing ,500 leads at a cost per lead of £500.With a £5000 budget and 1 month timescale, we were able to provide Hassle Free Boilers with 510 leads directly attributable to Facebook and our activities.

These were provided at a Cost Per Lead of £9.80.

This was a 98% improvement on the Cost Per Lead previously achieved.

We were able to demonstrate a huge reduction in cost per lead through our advertising campaign. The results demonstrated to the owners that the business was indeed viable and indeed they went on to secure capital to push the business forward off the back of the results.

We were close to winding the Hassle Free Boilers project down and our Marketing Manager asked for a small budget to try Digital Marketing with Allabout Online.

I am forever greatful that he pursuaded me, Allabout Online turned things around for us almost overnight. We were completely taken aback by a cost per lead we thought impossible.

Thank you Allabout Online!

Peter Randall – CEO Ecovision Group & Hassle Free Boilers