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Digital Marketing strategy

Clear, Achievable and Dynamic

Having worked with very different clients and the one common ingredient to success is having the business work towards common goals and objectives with a clear digital marketing strategy.

Having an agreed strategy from all the stakeholders within an organisation whether it is a short term plan for 12 months, medium 3 years or a longer term plan of 5 will help keep focus and remind everyone of the goals and objectives set out. A marketing strategy and plan should be a dynamic and fluid document enabling changes and re-evaluations as results, data and trends become known.

A good example would be if you had a £1000 a month budget on google Ad words, and a £1000 a month budget on Facebook/Instagram ads – after 3 months you saw that Google was providing a CPA of £80 and Facebook was achieving a CPA of £40 then you would look to maximise Facebook because you can double your sales with the same advertising spend.


The above example is simplistic and often decisions are based on much deeper analytics with agreements to redistribute advertising spend based upon many factors.

Create, Consult and Manage

  • We can work with your Company/Organisation in the following ways:
  • We can work with you to create your own Marketing Strategy for a specified period of time. We know what questions to ask and what marketing/advertising channels will help you achieve your goals/objectives.
  • We can provide consultancy working with your own marketing department or external agencies using our extensive experience to provide valuable input.
  • We can work on a retainer each month helping you manage the Marketing Plan ensuring it adapts and changes working to successfully hit your goals.

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£2.4 million to £10.2 million!

We worked with Rock Choir from 2016 to 2019 and our goal was to hit 30,000 signed up members from a base and starting point of 8,000 members, each membership was worth £300 a year in turnover.

Rock choir had 8,000 members x £300 £2.4 Million turnover in 2016

We completed the following for Rock choir:

1) Developed a new website and mobile app
2) Created and delivered a 3 year marketing strategy which was exceeded
3) Managed all aspects of the marketing plan – we became there marketing department

At the end of 30 months

Rock choir had 34,000 members x £300 = £10.2 Million turnover in 2019

Allaboutonline came into a business that was struggling to grow past it existing successes having reached the limit of what the owners and directors could achieve. I knew allaboutonline from past work successes and called them in to work at board level to really put Rock choir on the map. After 30 months we had hit over 30,000 members, not only exceeding our goals but also 6 months ahead of schedule.

Jeff Ryder – Rock choir Marketing Director

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