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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

“SEO – Search Engine Optimisation”

[SEO] – Search Engine Optimisation – The art of getting your web pages listed highly in a search engines organic results for relevant keyword phrases.

  • 94% of all searches happens on Google – we optimise for Google Search!
  • We have been successfully delivering SEO since the early 2000’s
  • We focus on medium and long term gains for our clients, short term is often short lived
  • Good SEO has many far reaching benefits including positive impact on your paid advertising

SEO Done Right

We look at Search Engine Optimisation as a Four (4) step process that must be in done in order:

  • 01 – [SEO Keyword plan]
  • 02 – [On Page SEO]
  • 03 – [Off Page SEO]
  • 04 – [Monitoring]

01 [Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Plan]

There must be keyword research and competitor analysis completed and a keyword [phrase] list agreed before any deployments in on or off page SEO. Understanding and having the keyword strategy agreed before any works is undertaken is vital to ensure maximum results. As SEO professionals we look for low hanging fruit for our clients where there is low competition for good result which can be achieved cost effectively in reasonable time.

Many generic or extremely competitive keyword phrases would require very deep pockets and a long term stomach for results. Although no results are guaranteed.

02 [On Page SEO]

When your keyword list and plan has been created the next step is to deploy your keywords on your website. Long gone are the days you can simply stuff keywords into content and Meta’s. However good up-to-date SEO practises will be completed ensuring your chosen keyword [phrases] are used and that Google’s algorithm will be under no doubt as to what your page is about, what are the strong prominent keywords to trig your page for a search result and to make sure Google files it away correctly.

Ensuring your website has well written content that is filed away with the correct search phrases is the foundation of SEO.

03 [Off Page SEO]

Google still weighs and values external links from reputable high ranking websites, a good example is is you get a news piece on the BBC website which then has a link to your website your web page will receive a large boost (As long as your on page has been well!). The aim of off page SEO is to get other external sites to link and to promote you as the authority, expert or place to buy a service or a product.

It is very important to monitor your web pages because if any get added to a link farm type website you could find your web pages being removed from Google’s search never to return! 

04 [Monitoring]

It is vital that your search results are monitored for these powerful reasons:

  • To see cause and effect – to see what has been effective, what has not made much difference and has anything been detrimental
  • To spot any problems before Google takes action to delist your web page such as your web page being added to a link farm
  • To know when Google makes an update to its search algorithm and to see if it has a positive, neutral or negative effect on your web pages.
  • To keep your SEO element of your Digital Marketing Strategy fluid and dynamic changing and updating as dictated by results

If anyone remembers the Panda updates in 2011 which targeted link farms and saw many large successful websites losing rankings and billions in revenue overnight. The days of writing articles with backlinks and submitting to ezinearticles was over!


Get ahead of the competition

We worked with Boiswood for over 10 years developing and working to a marketing and business development plan which included improving the search engine results of 1000’s of products.

We achieved many increases in search positions achieving top spots for keywords ranking them higher than the product manufacturer. This gave Boiswood a strong online presence, negotiating power with manufacturers and most importantly a stable market share that saw them work through recessions and covid.

Client Quote – We are so happy with allaboutonline and their team, no matter what skill is required or the limited time scales presented to them they deliver. The thought to user experience, future proofing and ongoing online marketing has really made them stand out.

Lee Pemberton – MJ Ventures

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