Rock Choir

Rock Choir approached us to help them grow their membership base from 17,000 members to 70,000 members with a multipronged plan involving many facets of digital marketing, starting with an initial push on Facebook.

The results

12682 SIGN UPS

Attributable to Facebook in three months


Average Cost Per Acquisition


lower CPA than target


Rock Choir has grown with little investment in marketing from a single choir operation in Fareham to an organisation with 300 choirs across the UK and a membership of 7,000 singers. 

Their initial growth was due to word of mouth and a Channel 4 documentary entitled ‘The Choir That Rocks’ that aired a couple of years ago.

This growth had started to stagnate and the Rock Choir leadership were ready to invest in to a proper digital marketing stratedgy to help them grow to 70,000 members over the next three years.


To generate signups for free Rock Choir Taster Sessions over a three month period at an average Cost Per Acquisition of £10 using Facebook Advertising

What we did

Rock Choir had invested money in to having the demographics of their current membership analysed. This was great for us as going in we immediately knew that the path of least resistence was going to be women aged 35 to 65 and we targetted our advertising appropriately. 

In addition to this we knew from our initial talks that each individual choir was positioned as a local community choir and that it was important to the client that they continued to be seen as community foccussed rather than a large national company. 

To maintain this view of Rock Choir we opted to create 300 individual localised adverts, one for each choir. This was coupled with a landing page we created designed ourely to drive signups that was unique to the location of each choir to reinforce the local nature of each individual choir. 

We then tracked each adverts success and adjusted individual budgets as appropriate to ensure that each choir was getting its taster session quotient filled up. We monitored the social media campaign from 9am until midnight 7 days a week including the bank holiday that fell during the campaign. We effectively became an extension of Rock Choir and their customer services, answering queries whereever we could and marshalling commenters are addressed quickly across the board.

“When the 70k member project was being planned many agencies were bandies about, but having worked with allabout online on another project elsewhere I knew they were the only ones I wanted to approach. Once again they have delivered the goods. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership”

Jeff Ryder, Marketing Director. Rock Choir