NeuColour came to us with our favourite kind of projects, the challenging kind!

We relish the opportunity to do something different and are very proud of the swatch management tool we were able to create and integrate for them.


The client had already experienced some success selling one off custom hardware.

The scale of their ambiton though meant that they needed to think bigger, much bigger.

They envisaged a site with a tool which allowed any user to fully customise their products in real time, allowing the customer to know exactly what they were buying, to their exact specification.


To create a website around a hardware customisation tool, to be create from scratch, to the clients exacting specifications, utilising the latest in 3d digital rendering imagery.

What we did

This site was going to be a real headscratcher. The tool was the whole key to the project.

We knew from the get-go exactly what we wanted this site to do and also how we wanted it to function, but there were so many moving parts to consider.

Some items had two distinct colourable areas. Some had ten. There were different views, colour categories and finishes to consider.

Some could be sent in, others couldn’t.

The client specified that the colour combinations shown needed to carry through to a purchase preview in the basket.

There were so many moving parts to bring together, all while making sure the tool was as simple, slick and smart as the imagery they were paying to produce for the products themselves.

We settled on using an HTML5/Javascript mashup to bring all the different layers together. It was painstaking work, but came together really well.

the tool is able to take a customer smoothly through customising their item, selecting the appropriate options along the way.

This then carries neatly in to a basket which pulls through the data allowing the system to display a real time preview of the customisation options applied in the previous step, to ensure they understand what they are buying.

Finally, once the order is submitted and paid for, that information then passes in to the back end where NeuColour can recieve, process and track the order based upon the unique colour and part code system they devised in house to ensure the right items are painted the right colours and assembled together correctly before
shipping out.

“The team at AAO have been fantastic.

Our project being very unique they took up the challenge and delivered something truely unique. They are a pleasure to work with, they understand what we wanted and even improved upon our original vision.

I look forward to a long and successful partnership and would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Scott Bannatyne, Marketing Director, NeuColour Ltd