Party Pieces had been steadily losing market share for 5 years due to being late to adopt digital technology in to the business. Instead the relied on traditional catalogue marketing to reach their audience. They required a strategy to increase sales and average order value using Facebook.


Party Pieces is a story of success built around catalogue and mummy marketing. Until 5 years prior to approaching us this had been exclusively how they had marketed themselves.

Eventually they were persuaded to invest in a website, although this was only used to supplement the catalogue and no real effort had been made to leverage it as a sales tool.

Competitors had been quicker off the mark and as a result Party Pieces had really started to feel the loss of market share caused by this both in sales and order value.


To generate as many sales through Facebook as possible, with an average order value above £50.

What we did

Party Pieces sales data showed us that their customers were almost exclusively women aged between 23 and 35.

Knowing this we targetted our advertising using Facebooks Demographic Targetting Platform to display to this segment of the UK population exclusively.

The tough part for this client was not driving traffic from Facebook but in fact how to ensure that the average order value did not drop below £50 given that many of their products sold for less than £5.

The strategy we devised was to promote entire party themes to encourage the user to purchase from many different lines in the quest to throw the perfect themed party.

To sweeten the deal for the user Party Pieces also provided us with Facebook only discount codes that we used to offer a percentage off orders over certain values, 10% off a £60 order as an example.

Over the course of a month we took a £5000 budget and with our strategy produced 170 sales worth £23,460.

This was an average order value of £138 and after factoring in our fee resulted in a return for Party Pieces of £15,960.

A side effect of our activity was that sales indicated that two particular party themes, Air Pilot and Disney’s Frozen, sold better through Facebook than they did through Google Adwords.

“We knew what we wanted to achieve but not how to go about it.

Adam, Luke and the team at Allabout Online took the time to explain everything they were doing for us in laymen’s terms, really ensuring that we understood everything that they were doing on our behalf.

We couldn’t be happier, the results speak for themselves.”

Michael Middleton
Director, Party Pieces

Michael Middleton, Party Pieces.